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I've had my Registration / Validation codes - now what?

Once you have had your email, you need to enter the codes into the relevant fields. Click the settings icon to access the configuration options.

It is better to copy and paste the codes from the email you have received from us, as typing these letter can cause problems because of the mixture of characters contained within the codes.
Still can't get my codes to work!

Are you sure? Really sure? We've yet to find an email that's been sent out incorrectly, there's always a first time of course!

Forward us your email and we will check it for you.
Is there a user guide?

We are pleased to say that a small user guide does exist, you can download this in either Microsoft Word format or in
Adobe Acrobat format.

Click here for Word file, Click here for PDF file
What image formats are supported?

We support four different image formats,
these include;


Note: PNG is now accepted as the default image format.