Just double click the Image Grab icon sitting in the task bar, Image Grab will spring into action.

'Quick, Instant, Easy, Simple'

Free to use, to remove the nag screen (9 second delay) just buy the software for 99p.
Default options are configurable;

From within the configuration options you are able to;

     1) Set the path for where your images are saved.
     2) Set the default image file format.
     3) Set whether or not the image is stretched.
     4) Set images to print in colour.
     5) Set the image to be centred on the page.
     6) Set the direction of which the image is printed.

For best results we suggest you use the defaults settings, these will provide you with the best image capture and best image print outs.
You can capture the entire screen within an instant by simply double clicking the
icon in the task bar.
Crop the image to show just the proportion of the image you want, you can crop over and over to zoom in closer and closer.
Print your image, stretch the image to fit the entire page, print portrait or landscape.
Images can be saved into one of four different imaging formats (BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG).
Captured images can be copied to your clipboard.
The simplest Screen Capture Software you will ever need.
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