Your privacy is of vital importance to us, we will never SELL, LEND, RENT or LEASE any of your details to any other companies.

We do not allow third parties to use our database. Any information you provide to us, including your email address is only ever used by HESTOR and its staff for the following;

1) Sending you notification of updates to the software you have been licensed to use,

2) Sending you notification of other applications that we feel may be of some interest to you,

3) Sending you notification of renewal of software licences.

We do record information about visitors to our websites. Information recorded varies from website to website and this may include but is not limited to, the recording of cookies.

Cookies are small files kept on your computer. These provide our servers with information on (for example) when you last visited the site, what you clicked on, what you downloaded last, what you looked at. The amount of information recorded varies from site to site. This is also dependent on your privacy settings within your own computer.

None of this information identifies you in any way, shape or form.

Sensitive data is always stored using encryption. Bespoke encryptions are also in use within the servers / systems / websites controlled and operated by HESTOR LTD

Any purchases made on this website are done securely using PayPal (the world's leaders in secure payment collection for both small and large companies alike).

If you have any concerns over the privacy of your data or wish to know what information we retain about you on our computer systems, please write to the following address. A mandatory payment of £10 is required to cover the administration charge of providing this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act (UK).

Please send your written requests to : Data Controller, Hestor Ltd, 46 Fountain Street, Manchester. M2 2BE (UK)

Please include your name, email address and payment of £10 made payable to HESTOR LTD (do not send cash).

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