Unlike a lot of other products / applications, Image Grab came about
due to an actual requirement from real people.

The Problem; Staff are constantly frustrated by not being able to
get their prints out to look like they do on the screen.

The Solution; A custom piece of software, developed from
the ground up, to be user friendly & easy to use.
Image Grab

Once installed, it simply sits in your task bar.

It just waits until you're ready, when you're
ready it will spring into action.

With just a single double click, the entire
screen is captured.

'Quick, Instant, Easy, Simple'
Product - Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  Works with all current versions of windows.
  Can capture live / streaming images.
  Copy direct to your clipboard.
The simplest Screen Capture Software you will ever need.
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