During any trial periods that may be granted, you are permited to use the software for the purpose soley of evaluation. You are not permited to resell, rent, lend or lease any software that you may be evaluating.

When the trial period ends, you must either purchase a valid licence or uninstall the sofwtare and remove all traces of it from your computer.

Upgrades during these trial periods are subject to the discretion of HESTOR LTD


For the purpose of this agreement, the term the software / application refers to the purchased application Image Grab from Hestor Ltd.

Once purchased, your licence will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchse. 30 Days prior to your licence expiring you will be sent a renewal reminder via email. 7 Days prior to your licence requiring renewal the software application will automatically notify you that the licence is due for renewal.

You are only ever licenced to use the software, valid licences are required at all times, you do not own the software / application, you may not reverse engineer the software, decompile or disassemble the software.You may not resell, lend, rent or lease the software application.

You are required to have individual licences for each compute.

No concurrent licensing is permitted and one licence is required for each computer.

Any license extends soley to your use of the software, valid licenses are required at all times, the software / application remains the property of Hestor Ltd at all times. You may not reverse engineer, disasemble, repackage or resell the software application at any time.


The software / application must not be used to infringe the copyright of other parties. You agree to indemnify Hestor Ltd agaisnt all consquences of copyright infringement.


During the life cycle of the software / application, and subject to your having a valid licence, you may download and install all minor updates free of charge. Major updates may require the purchase of a new licence or upgrade fee

Microsoft constantly change underlying functions, controls & systems that may be in use within the software / application. With that in mind HESTOR LTD and can not be held responsible for changes brought about by third parties that cause the software / application to cease functionality.

If HESTOR LTD can not provide an update to resolve the issues that cause the software application to cease functionality within a resonable time scale, HESTOR LTD will refund no more than one month's licence fee at its discretion. You must have at least 3 months remaining of your licence and will be required to claim all refunds in writting.


There may be additional terms & conditions applicable to the software / application, we would always recommend that you review the individual EULA file that accompanies the installation disk and any updates that are provided.
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